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McEvoy Run Of The Mill are well known for their distribution and service.
We have invested in a modern Volvo fleet and operate a regular maintenance programme guaranteeing the highest quality service standards. Below shows the different lorries and trailers that we have and use in our fleet.


rigidRigid lorry

Very handy lorry, used for palletised goods and jumbo bags, hay, straw etc. Comes with Moffett Mounty for ease of loading and unloading Fitted with rear lift axle making it easier to get into tighter places

6887Curtainside trailer

Ideally suited to delivering all types of packaged/palletised goods We have several curtain side trailers fitted with Moffett Mounty for ease of loading and unloading


moffet mountyMoffett Mounty

On several of our trailers and rigid trucks there is a Moffett Mounty attached for ease of loading and unloading. Our drivers are well experienced on using this machine and will happily put your goods wherever you would like them.

walkingWalking floor

Suitable for all bulk materials as well as palletised goods. We have several walking floors on the road. Very quick at unloading


tippingTipping trailer

We have a very handy tipping trailer suitable for carrying all bulk loads.

flat trailerFlat trailer

Ideally suited for palletised loads, machinery or hay and straw.


blowing trailerBlowing trailer

  • Ideally used for pelletised goods.
  • Rear steer axle offering ultimate manoeuvrability in restricted areas
  • Compartmentalised bins ensuring complete segregation of products

flat trailerRigid Tipper/Blower

Very handy rigid lorry with rear lifting axle for ease in restricted areas. Used for pelletised goods as well as bulk materials.